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Welcome to the home page of Collingridge Ecological Consultants. The page includes details of us and our work, and also some general information about nature conservation in Britain. Please contact us (see panel on left) if you have any questions or comments - about work we might be able to help with, about nature conservation in general, or about the page contents or layout.

Collingridge Ecological Consultants is an independent consultancy carrying out ecological work for private, corporate and public clients in the UK and elsewhere.

Collingridge Ecological Consultants is run by Richard Collingridge, an ecologist who has worked for many years in nature conservation - in voluntary conservation bodies and then as an English Nature Conservation Officer before becoming a consultant. Profile

Collingridge Ecological Consultants does habitat surveys and site evaluations, deals with statutory nature conservation designations and protected species, manages land for nature conservation, and provides advice on nature conservation law and management.

Brent goose

Brent goose Branta bernicla, a protected species, winters in internationally important numbers on the salt marshes and mudflats around the Solent.

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